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The co-creation team Legumes and FoodFutureTrends, having the active participation of #INOVLINEA, under the coordination of Dr. Marta Evangelista, as a partner and #IPT, under the coordination of Dr. Dina Mateus, as facilitator, using the #demola methodology, ended with a successful final pitch.
We delighted hosted several INOV.LINEA - TAGUSVALLEY Agrifood Business Unit stakeholders to attend the meeting and interact with the six students along the session.
The stakeholders: Transforming Industry, MF Salsicharia, Mr. Júlio Flor; Consumers, Ana Teixeira; New Food Product Development, Telma Orvalho and Farmers and Producers, Associação de Agricultores do Concelho de Abrantes, Mr. Júlio Damas and Ana Filipa attended the meeting along with our dedicated team of students Vasim Tana, Joana Ribeiro, Mariana Teixeira, Olekansander Karashchenko, Jacinta Bruno and Bruna Magueta.
Future scenarios of food consumption and production as well as funding were highlighted by the team.

In the future ????
  1. Farmers will be more curious about new methodologies, applications and approaches;
  2. Society will make more environmentally friendly choices and habits;
  3. Companies will invest in sustainability and focus on the consumers’ needs: and,
  4. Funding agencies will have a dedicated budget to farmers and more support to younger farmers.