Know the more than 10-year history of TAGUSVALLEY.

2004 - 2009

-  Tagusvalley - Association for the Promotion and Development of Vale do Tejo Technopol constitution.
-  A.Logos Laboratory, TAGUS and IEFP installation.
-  INOV'LINEA Creation and installation.
-  Creation of the current infrastructure.
- First nine companies in the Business Innovation Center (old facilities).
-  EMPRE Project starts.
- Integration of IPS and Tejo Energia as TAGUSVALLEY partners.
- Integration in the BICS network - Business Innovation Centre.
- Integration in RIERC -  Central Region Business Incubator Network.
- Integration in Tecparques Network - Science and Technology Parks Network.
- Organization of the 1st Business Ideas Contest INOV.POINT.
- Prehendere - Women Entrepreneurship - Follow-up of 12 entrepreneurial.

2010 - 2012

-  INOV.POINT Incubator - Center for Business Innovation and Incubation oppening.
- Universidade Aberta, MédioTejo 21 and NERSANT in TAGUSVALLEY.
- Networks integration: AGROCLUSTER, SSICA, Tagus, RedeInovar, Em_Rede and Capital Ventures.
- OTIC and the Industrial Innovation Lab in TAGUSVALLEY. 
- Recognition as Business Innovation Centre - Centre for Innovation Support - given by the European BIC Network (EBN).
- e 1st Meeting of Business - Networking between incubated companies RIERC under the V Iberian Meeting of Science and Technology Parks - Tagusvalley Co-organization.
- 7.ºAnniversary TAGUSVALLEY.
- Organization of two Business Networking Meetings, under the Start-Up RIERC Project in Viseu and Curia.
- National Meeting of BICS / EBN - Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
- Co-organization of '' Emerging Technology Clusters in Portugal '' the BICS: Biotechnology (Cantanhede), Clean Tech (Abrantes), Digital Media (Cascais), Nanotechnology (Marinha Grande). 
- 2nd Business Ideas Contest INOV.POINT.
- INOV'LINEA Taste Panel creation.
- 22 companies created and installed on TAGUSVALLEY.

2013 - 2014

- Creation of the Support Entrepreneurship Office - INOVA-TE. 
- Participation in the International Meeting of the IASP (International Association of Science Parks).
- EMPRE Project in alll municipalities of the Médio Tejo (Certer Regio of Portugal).
- EMPRE - +e+i, recognaized by the Strategic Programme for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the area of training and development of skills in entrepreneurship.
- Creation of the FOOD FAB LAB by INOV'LINEA.
- 10th Anniversary TAGUSVALLEY - "10 years, 10 witnesses".
- 31 companies created and installed on TAGUSVALLEY.

2015 - Nowdays

- 32 companies established on market with the support of TAGUSVALLEY since its inception and with a success rate above 90%.
- TECHNOPOL Infrastructures remodeling.
- Abrantes Technology School - Polytechnic Institute of Tomar installation.
- Organization of the 3rd Business Ideas Contest INOV.POINT.
- Tecparques presedency for the period 2015-2017.
- Implementation of the Advisory Council of INOV'LINEA.