BIC Acreditation


BIC Certification by  European BIC Network (EBN)

In May 2011, the European Commission through the European BIC Network (EBN), assigned to Tagusvalley ''Tecnopolo do Vale do Tejo", BIC certification seal - Business Innovation Centre (Innovation Support Centre), for the territorial space of the Middle Tejo/Tagus, making TAGUSVALLEY the 8th Portuguese BIC, and recognizing it as an entity able to consolidate best practices to support business activities and competitiveness promotion.

What is a BIC?

Support structures, recognized by the European Commission to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe. BICS are quality-certified business support organisations, which dedicate their efforts and resources to help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, turn those ideas into viable, successful and sustainable businesses.

In Portugal, there are seven (7) BICS:
BIC Porto - NET,
BIC Beira Interior - CIEBI Covilha,
BIC Madeira - CEIM,
BIC Minho - Innovation Workshop - Braga,
BIC Alentejo - Sines Tecnopolo,
BIC Coimbra - IPN - Coimbra,
BIC DNA Cascais Cascais.

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