LINE.IPT Industrial & Business Innovation Lab


Industrial and bunisses innovation lab presentation.

The partnership between line.ipt arises from Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, the Municipality of Abrantes, the TAGUSVALLEY and Nersant, as a catalyst for innovation and development technology in the region, promoting competitiveness in the corporate fabric. Being a research center wholly directed to companies , the purpose of line.ipt is to develop new products , technologies and processes and / or improvement / conversion of existing products or directly applicable in industrial processes. It is assumed as a catalyst for innovation and development technological, promoting competitiveness and level of training and expertise of technical staff of the company .

Seeks to foster :
The incorporation of technology and innovation by companies;
The development of skills in the areas of Engineering and Product Development
The creation of technology-based companies ;
Promoting networks for scientific and technological cooperation between,regional, national and international companies and R&D(Research and Development) institutions.

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