Technological center with 735m2, equipped with Industrial Space of 435 m2, laboratory, kitchen, technical offices, tests and training rooms.

Pilot Lines

Meat Processing, Horticultural and olive oil;
Mill with capacity to process 350kg olives / hour;
Equipment capable of simulating industrial processes such as washing, cutting, chopping, baking, mix, among others.

Food Preservation
Alternative or complementary technologies to the processes commonly used by the action of temperature.
         High pressure: High hydrostatic pressure (PPH);
         Alternating electric current: ohmic heating system;
         Sound waves: Ultrasound;
         Ultra violet rays: Ultra Violet;
         Aseptic filling (filling 200Kg / h with a head), and others.

Testing equipment for the development of full-scale trials.

Laboratory, equipped to support testing and experimentation.
Conducting qualitative and quantitative analyzes: Microbiological & chemical Physical, Rheological & textural and sensory.

Equipped kitchen, in order to perform tests in the context of domestic process, preparation and consumption.

Other support equipment.