EMPRE Entrepreneurship at school


Since the 6thEdition, EMPRE begins each school year with a Teacher Training Programme, an accredited training that enables monitors and encourages to develop his entrepreneurship skills.

Teachers implementing the EMPRE methodology - Business at the School, the participating classes in the project, part of the Teacher Training Workshop on Entrepreneurship, a training workshop specifies in Entrepreneurship, which ensures the continuity and implementation of the project with the students. This is attested by the School Association Training Centre and lasts 25 hours classroom, complemented with over 25 hours of autonomous work in the classroom. This training also gives two (2) credits to participants for career advancement.
TAGUSVALLEY provide all teachers on the project entrepreneurship base concepts, monitoring tools and the right training, so that each element can autonomously and concretely support their students in the constitution of their projects.


1. lntroduction - entrepreneurship and its implications.
2. Creativity and innovation in entrepreneurs process.
3. Education in Entrepreneurship - play and opportunities.
4. Entrepreneurship in the classroom.
5. Sessions of Autonomous Work.
6. Development of sessions with students.

This training aims to put the teacher in a position to minister sessions with their students, trough the methodology "learning by doing".


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