EMPRE Entrepreneurship at school


Know the history of our Education Project, implemented by TAGUSVALLEY, and currently in his 8thEditon.

EMPRE - Entrepreneurship at School, had its beginnings in Langreo - Asturias - Spain, when the City of Val del Nalon decided to invest in encouraging entrepreneurship programs in education, due to the strong impact of unemployment that occurred in the region. We were in 1987 when Valnalón launched its first program.
In 2006, through EQUAL, dubbed B-TECH, this same program begins in Covilhã (Portugal) by Parkurbis (Science and Technology Park of Covilhã). It was inserted at Quinta das Palmeiras, reaching interesting results.
In 2008, the TAGUSVALLEY invested in this initiative as a way to encourage entrepreneurship in the region, starting with a pilot project in Abrantes (Portugal), with the High School Solona de Abreu and EB 2.3 Miguel de Almeida School. The project is considered as one of the TAGUSVALLEY main goals - projetc implementation in all region schools.
With the success achieved at that moment, there was an expansion to two more schools in the region in 2009 (EB 2.3 / S Dr. Octavio Duarte Ferreira - Tramagal - Portugal and EB 2,3 / S Verde Horizonte - Mação - Portugal ).  EMPRE application success remained, showing significant changes in students.
It was in 2010 that the RIERC (Network of Business Incubation Centre Region) decided to invest in EMPRE trough the  StartUp initiative. In 2011, aware of the importance of such programs, the CIMT and CIMPIS become EMPRE partners. They aim was to implement entrepreneurship education incentive programs in schools within each territory of operation, thereby bringing the project to as many students as possible. These partnerships are still currently active.
With the impact achieved, EMPRE was recognized by the community with a good practice. Through a publication made in 2012 (Empreendedores Precisma-se - Edições Sílabos), EMPRE  was recognized as one of the top three methodologies example to be applied in Portugal in ​​entrepreneurship education area.
During 2013 EMPRE was awarded with a quality seal ''+e+i'' promoted by the Ministry of Economy, that distinguish the best practices in Portugal.
In the academic year 2014/2015 the project is implemented in 15 schools, reaching  more than 400 students.
Being aware that the future is a path that is done every day, we are already working on this school year - 2015/2016.

To learn more about our project please visit our space www.empre.org or contact us through:
Rua José Dias Simão 220-062 Abrantes
P: (+351) 241 330 330
F: (+351) 241 330 339

Eduardo Costa | (+351) 937 567 601 | E: eduardo.costa@empre.org