EMPRE Entrepreneurship at school


Duration - Variable one school year).
Involved - School Community, Parents and Technicians.
Tools - Training; Monitoring in the classroom; Manuals; Online Platform Support.
Recipients - Children and Youth in School age.
Ideas - innovation; science; technology; creativity; dynamism; entrepreneurship.

The Project

Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship types - Economic, Social, Cultural.
Organization - Type of Organization.
Create, produce and market - products and/or services.
Market research. Raising funds.
Promote contacts with the community - other organizations, customers, suppliers.
Presenting the entrepreneurial project - presentation and goals.
Develop a common event involving all projects - ENTREPRENEURAL FAIR.


1. Presentation Project to Teachers and Students.
2. Project Training - teachers and students - about the entrepreneurship experience and project development phases.
3. Type of organization, design and identity (name, logo, chart).
4. Market Researshes.Partners, suppliers and customers contact. Fundraising.
5. Activity - Production. Services.
6. The Entrepreneurship Fair - EMPRE.
7. The scientific, cultural or social business closing.
8. Social responsibility and relations between institutions, markets, organizations.

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