"The best way to predict the future... is to create it." (P. Drucker)
Dynamic center of knowledge production.
Leading, excellence. and central space.
Business hub of the region.
Enhancer Spin-offs and start-ups.

With the current Tecparques (National Association of Science and Technology Parks) presidency, for the period 2015-2017, TAGUSVALLEY  leads the group of the 15 existing national STP.
A Science and Technology Park or Technology Park "is an organization managed by specialized professionals, whose main objective is increasing the value of their community by promoting a culture of innovation and competitiveness of its companies and institutions (... ) stimulating interactive flow of knowledge between universities, institutions of science and technology, companies and markets; facilitating the creation and growth of innovative companies through incubation process or spin-offs; providing integrated value-added services associated with facilities and high quality accommodation ".

Source: "What is a Science and Technology Park?" IASP (International Association of Science Parks), February 2002.

More Info:
TECPARQUES – Associação Nacional de Parques de Ciência e Tecnologia 
IASP – Internacional Associatios of Scienc Parks