By 2016, the TAGUSVALLEY - Vale do Tejo Technopol integrate in their campus a set of new infrastructure available to entrepreneurs and companies in order to foster the creation of innovation and new businesses. Based on the sharing of resources and local services, this Science Technology Park is well equipped with the necessary structures to maximize bunisess skills enhancement strategy between the entities producing knowledge and the business community.

Business Accelerators, for services and industry - offices and/or factory spaces.

Industrial Lots - support to entrepreneurial activity.

Abrantes Technology School - Polytechnic Institute of Tomar.
Applied Researsh Labs:
Welding lab.
Composites Lab.
Materials Lab.
Product Development Lab.
IAI Lab (Interactive Audiovisual Image).
Chemical Lab.
Fluid Lab.
Photography and Assembly studio.
Radio and Television. Studio.

For more information about the conditions and the access to future structures of this STP, contact us.